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Google Flight Simulator

31 August 2007 91,242 views 194 Comments

Google Flight SimulatorIt seems as though Marco has unearthed an easter egg in Google’s new release of Google Earth, its popular free mapping software. While the new release stunned the world with its addition of mapping the universe, it has also secretly included a flight simulator!

To check it yourself, simply download and load up the most recent version of Google Earth and press CTRL+ALT+A or for a MAC, Command+Option+A. Upon doing so the flight simulator should load right away with a dialog that grants you the options of plane and airport (as see to the right).

You have the option of piloting two planes: the F16 or the SR22. Both are very different and enjoyable rides. Check it out for yourself, but be sure to familiarize yourself with the flight controls! If using the arrow keys is not your thing, you can also use your mouse to steer the aircraft (just click the screen with your mouse to activate).

Note: After you have entered into the flight simulator using the keyboard combination, simply access it again from the Tool drop down menu.

Check out some of the in-game screen shots:
Google Earth Simulator Screen Shot Google Earth Simulator Screen Shot Google Earth Simulator Screen Shot

Let me know how you fare at flying! The controls are touchy… :)

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  • Jack said:

    Wow! This is awesome! The F16 is fast!

  • Tracie said:

    sounds awesome. i am dling it now.

  • seo ranter said:

    doesn’t work on a mac :(

  • Directory of Directories said:

    well this looks interesting
    good post

  • Tim said:

    Hey thanks for the information! This flight simulator is fun, but it takes some getting used to the controls. Thanks for the video too :)

  • Natural SEO said:

    Nice work, thanks to you and marco. F16 is my favorite flight! Reminds me of Battlefield 1942…

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @seo ranter: In the OS X version it’s Command + A

  • johan said:

    cool easter egg. But it is not easter now… more then 6 months left. :-)

  • tnekkba said:

    This is not an easter egg, use Tools|Enter Flight Simulator. Please check your story before you publish it.

  • caf said:

    first thing i do is turn of atmosphere so you can see the stars. climb till you see the curve of the earth and you are an astronaut. other fun stuff, fly under the golden gate bridge, fly trough yosemite vally or grand canyon. try to land at edwards afb!

  • Comgenie said:

    @tnekkba , You can only see it when you used it once, before it isn’t visible at tools =P, so it is an easteregg

  • Andries Louw W. said:

    This is the first time I see a well documentated easter-egg.

  • Shaun McDonald said:

    I have found that hitting the c key does the trick to keep going in the direction that you want. This is really useful when using the keyboard to control the flying.

  • Elwin said:

    If you click in the screen you can also use your mouse to control the airplane. Much better then the keyboard!!!!!!

  • haz said:

    i have the latest version of google earth, but CTRL + ALT + A does nothing :(

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @haz: Be sure to click into the main viewing area before pressing the key combination.

    If you are using a MAC, try Command+Option+A

  • luigi said:

    great easter egg
    good job man, i’m gonna try now

  • Mario Lopes said:

    Nice article!!!

  • Eric-Paul said:

    too bad you can’t use the page-up and page-down keys if you’re on a macbook. I see the airfield, but I’m not going anywhere… :(

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @Eric-Paul: try fn+up and fn+down to accelerate and decelerate

  • Cosmos said:

    This is very nice.Thanks for pointing out this hidden utility of google earth.Just a silly question now:Is it supposed to have any kind of sound?(you know the airplane…)Thanks again!!

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @Cosmos: at this point, there is no sound. Maybe they will add it in at future updates!

  • Chief said:

    Nice, i’ve landed both airplanes several times and its some good stuff!

  • JJMacey said:


    I’m embarrassed, where’s the Linux version?

    Google is my friend, Google is my friend.

    JJMacey aka Adler

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @JJMacey: For Linux, try CTRL + A

  • McGee said:

    Dude its not an easter egg if its in the tools drop-down menu.

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @McGee: If you read the actual article I wrote, you would have read: “After you have entered into the flight simulator using the keyboard combination, simply access it again from the Tool drop down menu.”

  • Dan said:

    I liked the flight sim, as you said the controls were really touchy, but over all, I liked it

  • Ted Karlsson / Sweden said:

    Realy nice!

    Thanks alot!

    Now I will try to fly home…

  • Mark Tuente / Netherlands said:

    Would be nice if Google teamed up with Microsoft on this. Google Earth could be the provider of scenery, and MSFS the provider of aircraft models/panels/flight dynamics. Textures of high-res areas in Google Earth at higher altitude are better than default textures of MSFS in my opinion. Low altitude and 3d modeling of airports etc. should also not be a big problem. Looking forward to whatever Google wants to do with this.

  • Filippo said:

    thank you for the news!

  • Raven said:

    Reduce sensitivity of controls by turning off the [Num Lock] key. Flying is very much easier.


  • JJMacey said:


    I found out what works with Linux, at least with Linux Mint.

    But, then again we Linxers usually do figure it out. LOL!

    Great Post from your side!

  • Dave said:

    HEY, i have the new googler and it DOESNT WORK!!!

    i have a PC NOT A MAC!!

    is this a pay feature

  • SunSearcher said:

    Wow! Thank you that’s fantastic!

  • Eivind-Canary Islands said:

    I have used my sidewinder-pro stick ,works perfect….easy to fly.Problems knowing if gear is up or down.But lands anyway……Best a/c for sightseeing is sr22……f-16 is to fast its just to have fun with.
    Have i nice flight

  • azza123 said:

    is this a pay feature cause i have the free google earth and it dont work???

  • RebeccaM said:

    Thanks for the youtube video. Is this really a game? Or just a sim?

  • Thomas said:

    No problem on Mac.

    It’s fine.

  • Michael said:

    Try using the Mouse… It’s a LOT easier to control. Just do a single click and it turns on Mouse controls.

  • Román TM said:

    Thanks for the easter egg!!
    It´s fun but hard to fly, i read the instructions for the controls and i´ll try to do my best! :)

    Thanks again!

  • dewy65 said:

    good job, any one know how to use the after burners on the F-16?

  • JJMacey said:


    The controls – at least for Linux – can be found here -


    I run a version of Linux called Linux Mint, it is the next generation of Ubuntu. Call it the way to go.

    Again – great post.

    I’ve added your video to my site @ www.jjmacey.net

  • Pim said:

    For all folks not being able to get it started. Try zooming in for a while, then hit the key combination. Then it’ll start. After that it’ll start from every zoom setting with the command/menu option. So, it defenitely is an easter egg since you will have to do several things to start off flying: 1 zoom in a lot 2 hit the key command 3 go play. After that there’s not so much left of the hidden config, but who cares.

  • Flyingleon said:

    On Windows PC I downloaded the latest version of Google Earth but I couldn’t start the Flight Simulator using CTRL + ALT + A. However, I tried just CTRL + A and that did work.

  • Muhammad Ahmed said:

    Aha… Good job

  • Cartman said:


    Thanks for the info. I found this an amazing present from Google. Combining the Sat Imagery with Altitude information to create a 3D model was easy… but creating a simple flight sim into it is sheer genius.

    Its a bit rough now, but hopefully it’ll get better in later versions. I’d like to see more airports included, as well as landing information and assistance. In addition, an option of adjusting the sensitivity of controls would also be great.

    I use a joystick to fly this thing, and I suggest that you do the same if you have one… it makes things much much simpler (Dont forget to enable controller on the main google Earth display Tools >> Options >> Navigation). Once you enable, the google earth image may start to go crazy, but if you change it to Earth-based controller setting (Tools >> Options >> Navigation again), it clears up.

    You can also land at pretty much anywhere flat (as long as you keep a low speed and drop slowly).Its fun to do that. I find the flap settings pretty useful for landing. Helps drop the speed fast, without stalling the aircraft.

    Have fun!!
    Happy Flying.

  • Austin said:

    I wonder how this was discovered

  • cris said:

    I tried this today October 10th, 2007 and doesn’t works.

    The bug was fixed. :(

  • jas said:

    this is so cool…thanks for sharing….really appreciate it….hope to hear more….

  • Josh said:

    Do you know why it doesnt work on my dell? email me back please! i really think it would be great if could get the dang thing to work i have a plane myself

    help please?

  • Mark said:

    I use the $20 google earth plus. My version is 3.0.0762.
    I cannot get ^alt A or ^A or alt A to do anything even when I am zoomed into Lambert St. Louis 12L.
    My google earth plus says ther is no newer version when I check for updates under help. Any Ideas?


  • Chris said:


    i ave downloaded it and everything, but Ctrl + Alt + a does nothing, plz help

  • Garen said:

    You Can Use..
    Jus Alt + A But it jus takes you straight to flying not the screen where you can choose an airport.
    Any help on this ?

  • John said:

    I cannot find clear instructions on how to control the aircraft with a mouse

  • John said:

    I cannot find clear instructions on how to control the aircraft using my mouse

  • Emmanuel said:

    Just downloaded goole earth. Build Date 9/12/07. It doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  • Emmanuel said:

    Never mind..it worked just fine.

  • Krwlr said:

    Hey I found while doing this that one thing to help the flyingness is to use the 5 key to stop “Turning” the steering wheel, it’s an easier way to get going straight

    the only trouble i have is getting to a different airport

  • Krwlr said:

    also sort of funny, it is possible to land on water, yet very hard. something ive found fun is going underneath the eiffel tower when 3d buildings are on! !

  • Jack M. said:

    What key(s) do you hit to have the plane you’re flying appear on the screen? Anyone?


    Jack M.

  • Jim said:

    As a student pilot I can tell you this is a very good flight simulator. The ability to see real landmarks while flying actually helps me learn the practice area where I fly. I’ll bet the CEO of Google had some input here, I know he is a pilot. Google really does make amazing software. I’d love to work there.

  • F86 said:

    to let you know on the Google earth Flight Sim, you don’t have to use the keys to fly the plane. You only need to use the Page Up/Down keys to adjust the throttle; you fly the actual plane, in other words the pitch, yaw and roll (for those of you wh don’t know what these words are, pitch is the up and down, yaw is the side to side, and the roll is the bank) the “g” key if you are in the F16 to deploy/retract the landing gear;
    the f key to activate the flaps and hold Shift and press f retracts the flaps.
    if you don’t want to see the flight instruments press the “h” key

  • f16 said:

    there is no page down or up on macs

  • per said:


    I’m glad to try a flightsimulator for the 1. time in my life. I enjoy flying over my own hometaown, but i have 2 problems:
    In someway i managed to “delete” my instruments, so I can’t see in what degrees I go up og down, and if I fly horizontal or are turning. Do anyone know the comnations of buttins to get it back??
    How do I get the sound of the airplane??

    With regards

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @per: Hmm, not sure. I checked the controls page, but it does not mention either the instruments or sound. Have you tried looking through the help doc? Ctrl+H I would have a look for you, but I am currently unavailable to.

  • per said:

    Hello Eric,

    I found out about the instruments: Hit H – and all is good.

    Still haven’t got the sound yet


  • RYAN said:

    instead of using the arrow keys to fly i found if you left click on the screen your pointer turns into cross hairs and you can steer with the mouse,MUCH EASIER!!!1

  • mike bennett said:

    hope you now realise that i am going to have to take google earth off my computer because i am never going to get any work done … like now!!

    Great fun.

  • Omar said:

    Hmmm. I have seen many videos where the actual planes are shown, like this one


    Also I have seen some really cool expansion packs, anyone know how to change the camera view and some cool expansion packs?

  • Omar said:

    Nevermind, I know understand that it was footage from Flight Simulaotr X. A flight simulator game.

    And regarding the expansion packs, i would still be interested in possibly downloading some if there are ome for Google Earth Flight Sim.

  • man said:

    i cant speed upp my plane i have tryed all the buttons but nothing is happening

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @man: “Page Up” increases thrust, while “Page Down” decreases thrust.

  • Bobby said:

    Is there a way to change the view you can see such as third person?

  • Jon L. Pickard (mark) said:

    I fly and land both planes everywhere, too cool!

    Do a search for the “skywalk, grand canyon” and fly the prop plane in and out of the canyons. COOL!

    On my laptop it will not display my heading on the top of the screen, however when I use my “big” computer with the CPU, the heading indicater is there.

    Any clue how to get the heading indicator on? It just seems that the laptop screen is not “tall enough”.

  • Eric Sopp (author) said:

    @Bobby: not sure, but Arrow keys + Alt (slow) or Ctrl (fast) rotates the pilots viewpoint.

  • Google Flight Simulator - Web Strategy Blog « autoblogged said:

    [...] More:  Google Flight Simulator – Web Strategy Blog [...]

  • aaron said:

    cool find… as a long time user of microsofts flight simulator… I found it to be rather easy to maneuver with… fun though..
    too bad google earth and the flight sim team can’t meet up and work together on something truly awesome. but can’t… ms stopped the flight sim series :(

  • pilot 123 said:

    Thanks,but how do you change your view>?

  • pilot 123 said:

    how do u change view

  • Sakis said:

    Thanks for the info…..has anyone figured out the key to activate the afterburner for the F-16?. I feel the need for speed people.


  • Rsm said:

    WoW! thiz flight simulator is great. i love the simulator but some airports have terrains so it is hard to land..

  • Mark said:

    I still need to give it a try! Looks good for a freebie.

  • google said:

    SO COOL :)


  • google said:





  • google said:





  • MAL said:

    To Google…
    It really is a good simulator, I have a lot of experience flying and it is very realistic. (No home computer can match the real thing) A little difficult to get used to, but character-istically (is that even a word?)correct. Try doing turns with the elevator up. Shut down the power, increase flaps, and line up with the runway on a landing attempt. Give it a couple more tries. Be patient, try it a few more times and you might change your opinion. Blue skies and soft landings…

  • Dmam said:

    anyone one know how to change the view so you see the plane

  • Assignment 8…Google Earth said:

    [...] are many different controls to be used during this game. You can check some of them out at Insidedesign blog. The flight simulator allows one to do almost all the things that a real pilot does. You should [...]

  • no one said:

    hey i asked how do you change the camera to the outside the aircraft please help me!

  • bob said:

    this is not an easter egg. its already in the tools drop down menu at the top and i to open it.
    have never used the keyboard shortcut

    i managed to ascend to 50000, then do a nose down dive to 1500 then i pulled the aircraft level reduced its speed using flaps and page down and then land. at one point during the dive i reached speed 1400.
    i did all this in the f16 using the mouse mainly.
    i also made a 10min flight.

  • Maria said:

    @ seo ranter, isn’t that the truth? Always waiting on the good stuff cause doesn’t work on Mac.

  • Fritz Balcorta said:

    Very cool. Unfortunately I suck and have already crashed and burned. Oh well…

  • Ted said:

    Wow how exciting,I’m going to Google Earth to play right now,thanks for the inside info.

  • Jessica said:

    I can’t believe I have NEVER heard of this easter egg before. Checking right now to see if it still exists :-D Thanks a lot, Eric!

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  • City Church said:

    WHoa!!! how did i miss this! Wonder if it still exists!?

  • Channing said:

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  • Clint said:

    Google has done it again. The flight simulator is impressive. The graphics are decent and you can use several controls such as the joystick. The choices of aircraft are limited to 2 which is not so good since one is so slow and the other is very difficult to control. But its a free application on Google Earth which is a very good deal for all of us.

  • Hillary Wentworth said:

    Google continues to impress. Is there anything those guys can’t do

  • man boots said:

    It is Wonderful! Thanks.

  • Jap said:

    i have just downloaded it but doesn’t provide joysticks or keyboard.

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